Wizard of Legend Announcement Trailer Reveals Early 2018 Launch on Consoles, Switch, PC

Have you ever watched a game trailer that made you get out of your chair? You know that feeling, [...]

Have you ever watched a game trailer that made you get out of your chair? You know that feeling, right? That, "Oh my God I've been waiting for a game exactly like this and I can't wait to play this," feeling? I just got that feeling while watching the Wizard of Legend announcement trailer. This is a magical co-op action adventure coming to consoles and PC early next year, and it looks like a ton of fun. Check out the trailer above!

So Wizard of Legend will be a co-op roguelike dungeon crawler that promises to smash together the hectic, button-mashing, arcade action that you love from games like Gauntlet, awith the style and pizzazz of more recent (and precise) action games like Hyper Light Drifter. An emphasis on combos has seen it compared to Street Fighter, while an excess of potential magical attacks has me remembering my time with Magicka. Sounds freaking fantastic, right?

It's also interesting to note that the developer, "Contingent99," is composed of two high school students who are tag-teaming development of the game. I'm especially excited to play a game by some younger developers, since I'm betting they're more willing to take creative risks with their game and its mechanics. Here's a little more about the game from the PlayStation Blog:

"With over 100 different arcana to find and master, there are countless combinations of starting hands to suit your playstyle. In addition, you can equip magical outfits and relics that have a wide variety of effects, ranging from summoning helpful familiars, to raining down lightning on all enemies in the area. Each run through the trials will allow you to permanently unlock additional tools that will help you achieve victory, and shopkeepers will help you even further with the different currencies you collect.

"You can also grab a friend and tackle the Chaos Trials together in Wizard of Legend's couch co-op mode. While jumping headfirst into the Chaos Trials as a duo will increase the difficulty of the run, it also allows you to come up with strategic synergies only possible when teaming up with another wizard. Also, the fun isn't over when your friend goes down in battle, as defeating multiple enemies in a show of skill will grant your partner a new lease on life!"

PlayStation Experience attendees will get to go hands-on with Wizard of Legend next week, and we'll be very eager to play the game soon thereafter. As soon as we get our hands on this thing we'll update you with our impressions straight away!