WizKids Creates an Unholy Union of 'Twister' and Cthulhu

WizKids has released a new game called A'Writhe that combines elements of the classic game Twister [...]

WizKids has released a new game called A'Writhe that combines elements of the classic game Twister with the Cthulhu Mythos.

If you're from the United States, chances are you've played the classic Milton Bradley game Twister - the game where you try to wrap your limbs around opponents to touch certain colored spots on a large playmat. It's one of the most iconic games of the twentieth century, a game enjoyed both by kids and by teenagers looking for an excuse to get uncomfortably close to someone they have a crush on.

Now, some madman has added a new wrinkle to this classic game by adding Elder Gods to the equation. A'Writhe places players in teams of two — one playing an incredibly flexible Elder God and the other playing their dedicated cultist. Instead of touching colored spots, the Elder Gods must touch certain spots in Arkham to make a specific symbol and complete a ritual to bring about their rise on Earth.

Different Eldritch beings have different abilities, so one player can rest their unused body parts on the floor, while another can kick a player off the board temporarily to force them to start over again.

Another key is that the patterns are impossible to complete on their own and also come with two squares that can't be touched by other players, so players need to figure out a way to get the other Elder Gods to help complete the pattern and assist in completing their panel, while also blocking other players by touching certain spots on the board. Basically, this is Twister played in teams of two wherein players try to out-smart and out-strategize each other instead of just undercutting them and knocking them to the ground.

Instead of a set board, A'Writhe comes with twenty different individual playmats that can be arranged in various patterns and 4x4 squares, which helps keeps things interesting.

Ultimately, A'Writhe is a party game, made for 4-6 players. However, if you don't mind roleplaying as Cthulhu, Dagon — or other Great Old Ones — and like getting up in your friend's personal space, this sounds like a great way to kill a couple of hours.

A'Writhe costs $50 and is for sale on Amazon and your local board game store.