World War Z Game Reveals More Details, Up to 1,000 Zombies at Once

We got our first glimpse of the World War Z game adaptation at last year's Game Awards, details [...]


We got our first glimpse of the World War Z game adaptation at last year's Game Awards, details have been mum since that first reveal. Thanks to OPM, we have a little more of an idea as to what to expect from the upcoming zombie game while also learning how absolutely overwhelming it can be at times.

The zombie genre is nothing new and the varying level of difficulty can be seen from title to title. For example, you run into a room full of zombies in Left 4 Dead and it's like "eh, no big deal." Run into more than one in Dead Island, and you better run. The World War Z title is looking to err more on the Left 4 Dead side of the spectrum ... at least we hope so given that the game can house up to 1,000 zombies in one shot.

Saber Interactive CEO Matthew Karch recently told the PlayStation Magazine this when discussing just how far in zombie hunters will go:

"The sheer quantity of swarming enemies on the screen and the way they interact by climbing over one another to reach areas that would be safe in other games is unique to World War Z. I would say it truly defines the game. Fighting the swarms that can be either one massive enemy or 1,000 individual ones is exhilarating and addicting."

The game itself will be very much set like the film it was inspired by and because of that, the environment around players will be vital. Everything can be a weapon, and everything can be your downfall. From what the CEO has said, players that strategize with their surroundings will find a much more rewarding game experience.

In addition to the destructible environment, the team has also made sure that no two gameplay sessions were alike by implementing fleshed out procedural behavior. For those that are excited about the upcoming Days Gone title from Sony, the two seem very similar in that regard making it the perfect time for zombie fans to have their pick of their genre.

World War Z is expected to drop on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC sometime this year, though no official release date has been set at this time.