WWE's Triple H Gifts Custom Belt to 'Overwatch' League Champs

It looks like that Overwatch is paying off for professional players in more ways than usual, especially for those that are also WWE fans.

WWE Super Star and 14-time World Champion has offered an incredible prize to those Overwatch players that helped bring in the win for the Overwatch League's first finals. Feast your eyes on the glory that is the below custom title to commemorate the victory:

Fans instantly lost their cool over the big reveal and the excitement was palpable:

After 12 teams did the Lord's work by making their way to the top, in the end it was the London Spitfire's win over the Philadelphia Fusion that cemented the Overwatch League's Inaugural Season.

As one Triple H fan already pointed out, it would be amazing to see Blizzard incorporate WWE skins into their popular FPS. It makes you wonder though ... which wrestler would be represent the individual heroes in Overwatch? Big Show and Jericho as Roadhog and Junkrat was one popular nomination, we've got Cien Almas and Zelina Vega as Reaper and Sombra as another ...


What other picks would you like to see if WWE-inspired skins ever made their way into the online game? Sound off with your dream picks in the comment section below and tell us which hero you'd like see rep your prized wrestler!