Xbox Boss Says 2018 Will Bring "Positive Changes," Teases An Exciting E3

Xboss Phil Spencer is a godsend to the Xbox brand in recent years. He's bringing the Microsoft [...]


Xboss Phil Spencer is a godsend to the Xbox brand in recent years. He's bringing the Microsoft brand back in touch with gamers and the platform has been better for it since he took over in recent years. Spencer has also been a huge pioneer for bringing more JRPGs and exclusives to the Xbox console, though it's been a long, hard road with its previously established niche. Still, his hard work is paying off with more and more support for cross-play and more and it looks like we might be seeing some of that fruition at this year's E3.

The Xboss himself sat down during the Major Nelson podcast to talk about the future and what's in store for Team Xbox. Though he didn't go into what we can specifically expect at this year's E3, it's a little early for that, he did tease us with the 'ol "I don't think we've talked about it yet, but I think there will be some positive changes at E3. Could be fun for us, it'll be a nice change."

That could mean a thousand different things but the biggest topics of discussion that Spencer has been really pushing for are:

  • Bigger JRPG presence on Xbox
  • Crossplay
    • Nintendo and Valve are both already onboard
  • More exclusives
  • Even more original Xbox games on the backwards compatibility list
  • Refined console
  • Breaking into the VR market

Or it could be a total left-fielder and the "changes" could be something completely left under the radar. Or maybe it's that Halo 6 news that keeps floating around the internet since ... well even before Halo 5 was a thing, it feels like. Or maybe even Fable's return! There are plenty of juicy rumors regarding that, as well.

With the Game Pass, the Xbox subscription-based library, continuing to grow and many ideas floating around to bring the focus back to gaming, the sky really is the limit for what Spencer could be addressed. Only time will tell, and E3 is still five months away. Luckily for us, Spencer is very active with the community and we're sure to hear more elaboration on his plans here in the near future!