Leaked Xbox Controller Officially Revealed

Xbox revealed another new controller colorway this week featuring another vibrant pattern of colors, but it's not the first time that we've seen this device. The controller in question is the Mineral Camo Xbox controller, the same one which was spotted online not long ago whenever an image showing it off went up online. Now that it's out for real, however, Xbox owners can go ahead and pre-order it if they're in favor of the new look.

You can check out a couple of images highlighting different views of the controller below courtesy of Xbox's official announcement. It features a "bold mineral blue, bright purple, aqua, and dark purple camouflage pattern" and looks exactly like the one that leaked previously.

Like other Xbox controllers, this one is set to be available for $69.99. A quick look at the page for this new controller shows that it seems to be shipping out pretty quickly without any delays, though that could obviously change based on where you are and how long the stock holds up now that people can order these devices.

Xbox has been big on putting out new controllers following the release of the Xbox Series X|S consoles, and the fact that they're also usable with Xbox One devices as well as the PC and mobile devices only make them even more useful to have around. Of course, given that there's another Elite controller available to purchase now, those who want a bit more out of their devices beyond the usual experience may choose to opt for that one instead. If you'd like to customize your own Xbox Elite Controller, you can finally do so later this year, too. Xbox announced recently that it'll soon allow people to build their own Elite Controllers via the Xbox Design Lab, a service which previously only allowed for customization of the base Xbox controllers.

The new Mineral Camo Xbox controller is now available for purchase for whoever wants to add a new one to their collection.