Xbox Fans Finally Getting Highly-Requested Controller Feature

Microsoft has revealed that it will finally be giving fans access to a highly-requested feature that involves Xbox One and Xbox Series X controllers. Since Microsoft first began its "Design Lab" a few years back, which allows customers to customize their own Xbox controllers, fans have been asking for this program to extend to also include customizable versions of the Xbox Elite controller. And while it seemed like this inclusion might never come about, Microsoft has announced that it will finally be giving fans exactly what they have so badly wanted. 

Starting later this holiday season, the Xbox Design Lab will begin the process of allowing for customizable Elite controllers. This means that fans will now be able to create their own versions of the Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 with color schemes that extend beyond the default black and white models that Microsoft itself has made available. Currently, it's not known how much it will cost to buy an Elite controller via the Design Lab, but Microsoft teased the start of this program with a new video. Based on what has been shown, only the base color of the Elite controller will be customizable while the rubberized grips, thumbsticks, and bumpers will remain black. 

"Since Xbox Design Lab debuted in 2016, the number one fan request has been to include Elite controllers in our unique customization program to empower further personalization of that premium experience," Microsoft revealed in a new write-up on the Xbox website. "Today we're announcing that coming this holiday, you will be able to do just that when we bring Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 to Xbox Design Lab! We're excited to bring more choices to gamers around the world and can't wait to see how fans reimagine what it is to be Elite."

Are you thrilled to see that Microsoft is finally including Elite controllers with its Design Lab service? And will you look to buy an Elite controller for yourself in this fashion when they become available later in 2022? Be sure to let me know either down in the comments or reach out to me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.