Xbox Game Pass Announcements Teased for E3

The Xbox Game Pass Twitter account is back with more teasers about the next few games that will be added, this time looking ahead to E3 2019 as the venue where the announcements will be made. As always, we aren’t being told yet what the new Game Pass games will be, but the Twitter account is giving its followers a chance to figure out what’s to come by dropping a few hints. If the clues aren’t deciphered, we at least won’t have to wait long to see which games are coming to the subscription service next.

A screenshot of a web browser is all we have to go off of for the Xbox Game Pass clues, that image seen below. It shows an email exchange between a user and a certain Melissa McGamepass who’s apparently got all the details on the next Game Pass additions. The Xbox Game Pass team will have “some major announcements on the way” which we’ll expectedly hear more about during E3, and a while at least two titles were teased, their names were obscured to avoid any spoilers.

The image contains several clues to go off of as well as what might be some misdirects thrown in the mix. The easiest way to figure out what might be coming to the service would be filling in the blanks within the email, but it’s hard to guess exactly two games with what’s been given. A snowflake emoji within the email is probably the best hint there, and some possibilities from followers have already been shared with suggestions that maybe Frostpunk or Metro Exodus will come to Xbox Game Pass.

Everything around that main email is suspect as well. There’s a conversation on the side about time-travelling to E3 that includes Jack Joyce, a character from Quantum Break, though that game is already part of the service’s library. The conversation with Mortal Kombat’s Sub-Zero is also still ongoing. In the top-right corner among other tabs for sites like the Xbox One subreddit and Bing searches, there’s also “TheGandalfShow” which is playing on Mixer.

With all these clues there, what the game announcements might be could be anyone’s bet. Microsoft’s big E3 presentation will take place on Sunday though, so we should know more about the new Game Pass games then.