Xbox Game Pass Subscribers Get Long-Awaited Full Release of First-Party Game

Xbox Game Pass subscribers can now finally play the full version of a first-party game that was initially launched over two years ago. Back in July 2020, Obsidian Entertainment released its new survival title Grounded as an early access project on both Xbox and PC. Since that time, Obsidian has continued to regularly update Grounded in the pursuit of reaching its 1.0 version. And while it took a bit to reach this point, Grounded has now formally left its early access phase. 

Available to play on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC, Obsidian today pushed out the latest update for Grounded that brought about the game's full release. Since Grounded is a first-party title from Xbox, this means that Game Pass subscribers can look to play the game right now as part of their membership. And while Grounded has been available to play through Game Pass since it began in early access back in 2020, this full version of the game is one that many subscribers have likely been waiting for. 

In addition to getting the full version of Grounded, Xbox Game Pass subscribers have also now gained a completely new game as well. Coming from Humble Games, Moonscars has also now joined Game Pass for console, PC, and cloud. Moonscars is a new 2D action game with souls-like elements, which means that it has a lot in common with titles like Elden Ring, Dark Souls, and Salt and Sacrifice

Perhaps the best part about Moonscars coming to Xbox Game Pass today is that it's yet another day-one release on the platform. Just like Grounded, today is the first day that Moonscars has been available to buy and play across all platforms. As such, Game Pass has received a pretty big boost today with the addition of two day one arrivals. 

Are you going to look to play Grounded or Moonscars for yourself now that each is part of Xbox Game Pass? And what do you think of all the new titles that have come to the Xbox subscription platform lately? Be sure to let me know either down in the comments or reach out to me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.