Xbox Game Pass: Today's New Games Include GOTY Winners

Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate have added four new games across Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC, and Cloud, and among the four games are some critically-acclaimed titles and games that racked up the Game of the Year awards. After losing a big game yesterday, Microsoft has made it up to subscribers by adding Control -- one of 2019's highest-rated games -- to the PC version of the subscription service. Meanwhile, on console, PC, and Cloud, subscribers can now also enjoy Donut County and Desperadoes III, the latter being a sleeper hit from last year and the former being one of 2018's highest-rated games. The notable additions don't end there though. Also on Cloud, subscribers can now enjoy Outer Wilds, another critically-acclaimed 2019 game that won several Game of the Year awards.

As always, it's unclear how long any of these games are being added. Games that are published by Xbox Game Studios are permanent additions, but none of these entries fall under the Xbox Game Studios umbrella, which means they are temporary additions. Again though, how temporary, isn't divulged.

As alluded to, you really can't go wrong with these games, but the Xbox Game Pass account in particular singles out Outer Wilds, noting they wish they could wipe their memory of it in order to play it again.

"Outer Wilds captures the delightful and terrifying majesty of space," said the service's official Twitter account. "Legit still think about this game a lot of the time. I wish I could wipe my brain clean and play it again fresh, it's so good."


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