Xbox Reveals Special Xbox Series X Controller for Canadians

Xbox is no stranger to releasing unique controllers on a routine basis but one of the brand’s [...]

Xbox is no stranger to releasing unique controllers on a routine basis but one of the brand's latest mockups is a doozy. While the controller is one that I imagine many will find to be an affront to humanity, our neighbors in the north might get a kick out of it.

Yes, those mad folks over at Xbox Canada have now created an all-denim custom controller. The model, which is appropriately being referred to as the "Canadian Tuxedo controller" is laced entirely in denim with the buttons and thumbstick then poking through that jean material. And to really make this thing that much better (or perhaps worse) it even comes with two little pockets on the front to store anything that you can imagine. To my knowledge, it's the first Xbox controller that has ever come with pocket technology implemented so I guess that's something.

It's obviously worth stressing that this controller currently doesn't widely exist and if I had to hypothesize, it never will. But hey, that's not a bad thing at all. The thought of playing with a gaming controller that has the feel of denim just sounds so very, very wrong. This is especially true when you start to think about using it for a long period of time. That thing is going to begin gathering sweat, Cheeto dust, and whatever other gross junk is on your hands far more than a normal plastic controller would. And how would you then clean it afterward? The whole idea just sounds like a nightmare.

Fortunately, it sounds like Xbox is entertaining other thoughts for Canada-themed controllers. The Twitter post that featured this denim controller implored fans to submit their own ideas for a Canadian Xbox handheld device. "We might just make it," the Xbox account teased. If you've got any better ideas than this one, be sure to send them over to Xbox Canada on Twitter.

So how about you? Would you actually want to use a controller like this or do you think it belongs in the garbage? Let me know down in the comments or shoot me a message on Twitter at @MooreMan12 if you'd like to talk more.