Xbox Game Pass Reveals The 10 Games Leaving This Month

Every month new games are added to Xbox Game Pass, and every month games leave Xbox Game Pass. For September, there's 10 different games leaving the growing subscription service. As you may know, just like with additions, subtractions happen gradually. For example, Codemaster's Onrush has already been removed from the service as of September 4. Of course, if you want to buy the 2018 arcade racing game you can find it often pretty cheap thanks to some frequent and deep discounts.

Meanwhile, tomorrow, four games will leave the service. More specifically, The Maw, Joy Ride Turbo, Splosion Man, and LEGO Batman 2. As you can see, other than LEGO Batman 2, there's no real notable games leaving with this wave. After this, no games will be removed until September 30, which will see five departures, some of which are pretty noteworthy.

On September 30, LEGO Indiana Jones, Ninja Gaiden Black, theHunter: Call of the Wild, Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, and Split/Second will all be gone. There's nothing here super substantial, but all five of these games certainly have their audiences who may have been enjoying them via Xbox Game Pass.

For those that don't now the finer details of Xbox Game Pass: it's a subscription service often pitched as Netflix-like. Available on Xbox One and PC, it costs $10 a month, and grants you unlimited access to hundreds of Xbox One and Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One version of the service. Meanwhile, the PC version offers PC games. Each month new games are added, while old ones are removed. According to Microsoft, this keeps things feeling fresh.

One of the perks of the service is exclusive discounts for games, and the ability to play all new Xbox-published games at launch. This means you can play Gears 5, Halo Infinite, Bleeding Edge, and more at launch. In other words, if you buy a lot of Xbox console exclusive titles at launch, you will quickly not only make your money back, but start saving some.


Anyway, while Microsoft does a great job at promoting what games are being added each month, it's not always easy to find out what games are leaving. That said, all you need to do is open the Xbox Game Pass tab on the Xbox One dashboard, and then click "leaving soon."

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