Xbox Game Pass Insider Teases Two Huge Announcements Coming Soon

An Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate insider has teased two big announcements Phil Spencer and his team at Xbox may, possibly, be preparing for subscribers on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. Microsoft has been making some moves lately with Xbox Game Pass, and if these two come off, the service is about to be taken to another level.

The new Xbox Game Pass report comes the way of Jeff Grubb, one of the industry's most prominent insiders, who relayed word that Phil Spencer is pursuing a deal with Ubisoft to get Ubisoft+ integrated with, presumably, the Ultimate version of the subscription service.

Now, this isn't the first time we've heard this claim. This rumor actually surfaced last year, but since the initial rumors, we haven't heard a great deal about this development. That said, according to Grubb, it's still in the works, though whether it comes off, remains to be seen.

Unfortunately, Grubb doesn't provide any detail on what this means for the service. Of course, the most obvious consequence is a price increase. What Grubb does tease alongside the Ubisoft+ update is that something with Hideo Kojima is in the works.

Grubb seems to suggest whatever is in the works is in relation to Xbox Game Pass, which would seemingly suggest Death Stranding could be coming to the subscription service. That said, Grubb isn't clear with this tease, so be sure to take this with an extra grain of salt.


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