Xbox One and Xbox Series X Update Adds Handy Time-Saving Feature

A new feature is being rolled out for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, with the goal of increasing [...]

A new feature is being rolled out for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, with the goal of increasing the speed of game downloads. The new feature is being offered first to Xbox Insiders, and it will allow users to suspend a game they're currently playing to make sure that the new download is prioritized. When the option is selected, the current game will be suspended, while ensuring that the player's current progress is maintained via Quick Resume (on Xbox Series X|S). It's just the newest quality of life improvement coming to Xbox, and it should be a welcome option for users!

The new feature was announced on Twitter by Xbox engineering lead Eden Marie. Her Tweet can be found embedded below.

In addition to the new feature, Xbox Insiders can also expect to see new banners appearing in the Full Library section for Game Pass. At the top of the page, there are now banners that allow users to check out recently added titles, as well as games that will be leaving the service in the near future. Given the many new additions that have come to Game Pass this month, giving subscribers an easy method to discover exactly what's been added recently (and what's leaving) certainly isn't a bad idea!

Neither of these new features are anything too massive, but they will make the overall Xbox experience more enjoyable for users. That's certainly good to see, and it fits well with Microsoft's direction in the new console generation. Xbox users have seen several changes along these lines, including a handful of announcements made as recently as last week. Giving users the ability to set their priorities for downloads is definitely a welcome addition to that, and it's just one way that Quick Resume is being used effectively on the new systems.

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