Xbox Game Pass Users Get Free Access to Big February Release

Xbox Game Pass subscribers are set to get free access to one of this month's biggest releases, courtesy of a free trial. As we noted earlier this month, February has a plethora of big and notable releases. One of these big and notable releases, Wild Hearts, comes the way of EA and developer Omega Force. There's no word of the game being made available via Xbox Game Pass, but Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers -- which is to say, subscribers to the premium version of Xbox Game Pass -- will get a free 10-hour trial with the game once it releases. 

The deal is made possible via EA Play, which all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers get access to with their subscription. Like all EA Play trials, this is 10 hours of total play. In other words, it's not 10 hours once redeemed. So, the trial clock starts when you boot up the game, runs if you leave it on even when you're not actively playing, but stops once you close out the application. 

As for the game itself, it's set to release on February 17 via PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. Since the game was revealed back in September, there's been considerable hype and lots of comparisons to the series it's clearly inspired by, Monster Hunter.

"Wild Hearts is a unique twist on the hunting genre, where technology gives you a fighting chance against fearsome beasts infused with the ferocious power of nature itself," reads an official blurb about the game. "Take on these creatures alone or hunt with friends in seamless co-op."

The game's official pitch continues, with story details: "No one remembers why the Kemono began their rampage through a once-prosperous Azuma. Fueled by desperation, they wield the power of primal nature at its most destructive. For a while, it seemed that none could stand against their overwhelming might. But hope arrives in the form of a formidable hunter armed with deadly weapons and ancient technology called Karakuri that could turn the tide of battle."

Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate are both available via PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X for $10 and $15 a month, respectively. For more coverage on the subscription service and everything else Xbox, click here.