Xbox Update Improves Game Libraries

The Xbox One family of devices just got its June update which includes a number of features, [...]

The Xbox One family of devices just got its June update which includes a number of features, namely one that makes it easier to see which games in your digital libraries you got from different places. This update makes it so that an overlay will appear over your games in your console's library that you've gotten from either your Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Live Gold subscriptions. Along with that main feature comes new badges in place to signify which subscriptions someone has on their accounts as well as the verification of official clubs to distinguish them from fan-made ones.

Microsoft announced the release of its June update on Tuesday and said this month's set of features and changes is out now. The primary feature adding the overlays to games can be seen in the image below where game tiles have "Game Pass" in their lower-left corner to show where you got that game from. Other subscriptions besides Xbox Game Pass will also be supported by the feature.

Xbox Update Library
(Photo: Microsoft)

"Today's game collections are often a mix of games played on a disc, purchased via a digital store, or downloaded with a subscription like Xbox Game Pass," Xbox's preview of the feature said. "All these great games can make it tough to decide which ones to keep local when you run low on storage space. The June 2020 Update adds overlays to game tiles in My Games & Apps, Home, and Guide to make it easier to tell at-a-glance where you got a game. This release will support games from Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Live Gold, and EA Access subscriptions."

Those same overlays will be found in the "My Games and Apps" section when you're browsing there as well.

You'll also notice the second of the features in the image above. Up in the top-left corner of the image, you'll see the Gamertag has "Ultimate" next to it to signify what type of subscription the person has. Those badges support the Xbox Game Pass membership or Xbox Live Gold membership and uses the Ultimate badge in this case since that subscription encompasses both.

The last of the changes is a simple one but should make it easier to make sure you're in the right places for information about a game. Xbox Clubs now have a checkmark next to them if they're considered "Official Clubs," so look for those next time you're joining.

Xbox's big June update is now available.