Xbox Live Rewards Is Migrating to Microsoft Rewards in June


Microsoft's rewards program for Xbox owners called Xbox Live Rewards will be absorbed by the Microsoft Rewards program starting in June, Microsoft announced.

This transition from the Xbox program to the Microsoft Rewards system in June currently only applies to the United States, but other regions have already experienced the change or will do so in the future. Taking a trip to the Xbox Live Rewards site where the missions and rewards catalog are listed will start with players being greeted by a pop-up that confirms the date of the upcoming transition.

"Xbox Live Rewards is becoming Microsoft Rewards," the pop-up reads. "In June, Xbox Live Rewards will become Microsoft Rewards in the United States. You can read more about this change in our FAQs."

For those who aren't a part of the Xbox Live Rewards program, the system earns players points for buying games, movies, and other purchases that can then be redeemed for other items. Monthly missions guide the rewards to direct players towards certain genres or recent movies, and Microsoft Rewards offers a similar incentive while also rewarding Microsoft users for searching with Bing and shopping in physical retail stores.

When the transition occurs, players who have an Xbox Live Rewards account will automatically be converted to Microsoft Rewards account, though there is an option to opt out. As far as what will happen to the credits and gems that players have earned so far, Microsoft said that the currencies will be automatically converted into players' local currency.

"If you have any pending Rewards Credits in your Xbox Live Rewards account on May 31, 2018, or if you are expecting your MyVIP deposit for purchases made in May 2018, Xbox Live Rewards will convert them into your local currency and deposit them in your Microsoft account by the end of June 2018," the FAQ explained. "You will then have 1 year to spend that currency on digital items from the Microsoft Store."

The MyMissions section of the Xbox Live Rewards site will also no longer be available after the system is integrated and subscribers will have to look to the Microsoft Rewards dashboard for their missions. Those looking to earn Microsoft Rewards can do so in a similar fashion to the Xbox Live Rewards program through surveys and purchases made in the Microsoft Store.


"Similar to Xbox Live Rewards, Microsoft Rewards will offer punch cards, surveys, and more, plus featured offers on games, movies, and TV shows, but the way you access these offers and how you're able to use your earned points is changing. In addition, you'll also have the opportunity to earn bonus points on your purchases in the Microsoft Store on Xbox or on Windows, or in retail Microsoft Store locations where available."

The program will be fully transferred into the Microsoft Rewards system in June, so read up on the FAQ so that you're not caught off guard by any changes.