Xbox Live Is Experiencing Issues Again [UPDATE]

UPDATE 3: After momentarily being problem-free, Xbox Live issues have returned. According to the Xbox Live Status Page, Xbox Live Core Services and Changing Gaming Tag are experiencing issues. The former includes creating new accounts, managing pre-existing accounts, or recovering a pre-existing account.

UPDATE 2: According to the Xbox Live Status page, Xbox Live servers are once again experiencing issues, only a couple hours after Microsoft announced the problems had been solved. And just like before, the Xbox Live Core Services and Social and Gaming services are not working properly.

UPDATE: Microsoft has announced that Xbox Live is back and working like normal, for now at least.

Original: Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox Live servers are currently experiencing issues and outages. Like yesterday's problems, Xbox Live Core Services and the Social and Gaming features are the target of the problems. So, if you're having trouble signing into Xbox Live, joining other Xbox Live members in online games, creating an account, managing a pre-existing account, or recovering a pre-existing account, this is why.

At the moment of publishing, it's unclear when a solution will be rolled out, but Microsoft has noted that it has been working on the issues since they were first reported. According to the Xbox Live Status page, issues with joining other players began around 12:00 ET while issues with the Core Services began around the same time. However, signing issues didn't start to occur until roughly 4:00 ET.

Beyond these parts of Xbox Live, everything else is working as intended, or at least that's what the aforementioned Xbox Live Status page says. However, if you can't sign in to Xbox Live, none of these facets of the service really matter.

For now it's unclear what is causing the problem, but it likely boils down to the influx of players. Xbox Live has been having problems the past couple of months as more people than ever turn to gaming to escape the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. What's also unclear is how widespread the issue is and what regions it's impacting. Microsoft doesn't specify, which suggests the issues may be scattered around the world.


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