Xbox Makes 3 Games Free-to-Play This Weekend

Three more Xbox One games have gone free-to-play for a short time to give Xbox Live Gold and Xbox [...]

Three more Xbox One games have gone free-to-play for a short time to give Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers something new to try or something to return to for the weekend. Continuing its weekly offerings of trios of games playable for free for a few days, Microsoft announced this week that eFootball PES 2020, MotoGP 20, and Don't Starve Together: Console Edition will all be playable for free starting on June 18th. You've got until June 21st to play these games at no cost, but if you end up liking what you try and want to keep them, you can purchase them individually at discounted prices.

Unlike the Xbox Live Gold games given away for free each month that have one headliner available for the entire month, these three games are only available for the weekend and aren't yours to keep for good after you download them. They also don't really have a headliner and instead encompass a variety of interests, so depending on what you're into, you may have your own headliner among them.

Two of the three games are self-explanatory enough based on their titles, but one of them is a bit less forward with what it's about. That game's called Don't Starve Together, and it tasks players with joining forces with one another to make sure everyone collects enough resources to survive in the setting you've found yourself in.

"The standalone, multiplayer expansion of the wilderness survival game, Don't Starve: Giant Edition, unravels the mysteries of a strange land full of odd creatures," Microsoft's preview of the game said. "Gather resources, craft items, and endure on your own, with friends, or strangers online. During the Free Play Days weekend, make sure to check out the savings for the Giant Edition, Mega Pack, and Giant Edition+Shipwrecked Expansion in the Microsoft Store."

Discounts for the games available this weekend range from 30 percent off to 70 percent off depending on what you're buying and whether it has any expansions attached to it. The games are only playable for free for a while though, so be sure to get what you want out of them before they return to full price.

We'll have a more comprehensive list at the end of the week for all the free games you can play this weekend, so keep an eye out for that when it's ready.