Xbox One X Now Ships With "Major" Change to Console

New Xbox One S and Xbox One X consoles no longer ship with the warning sticker on the front of device, a change that seems like a minor one but is actually a pivotal point for some people in the “Sticker vs. No Sticker” debate.

Microsoft senior producer Justin Robey tweeted an image of a new Xbox One X that looked particularly clean, though some people might’ve noticed something looked a bit off about it. On the front of the Xbox One, there’s normally a warning sticker telling console owners to be careful when moving the device if there’s a disc inserted, but it’s nowhere to be seen here. Robey himself is part of “Team Sticker” as his tweet indicated and asked Xbox corporate vice president Mike Ybarra if it was true that the consoles no longer shipped with the sticker. Ybarra responded to confirm that “Team No Sticker had to win” and that the warning sticker won’t be seen any longer on new consoles.

Plenty of Xbox One owners probably didn’t even know that they could take that sticker off with many unknowingly leaving it on the console, but for others who were and are part of Team Sticker, they’ve purposely left the warning sticker intact. Some people joked that the sticker would become a hot commodity now with “limited-edition” Xbox One consoles being sold through third-party sites, sticker still present, while others doubled down on their pro-sticker stance.

People have even made anti-sticker videos in the past such as the one below that shows a compilation of Team No Sticker triumphs. There were others who were already part of Team No Sticker and are happy to see the change take place, though there’s apparently a subset of that group that lost something here. Unboxing new games, consoles, and other devices is a moment that lots of gamers look forward to, and peeling off that sticker was part of the ritual. With the sticker no longer on the device, that means that those people don’t get to peel of the final part of the console any longer.


The Team Sticker vs. Team No Sticker debate will likely rage on, but this change is a victory for at least one side.