Microsoft Confirms ‘Big, Big Project’ From Forza Horizon Team

We know Playground Games has become one of the more dependable first-party developers for the Xbox [...]

Playground Games

We know Playground Games has become one of the more dependable first-party developers for the Xbox One over the past few years, based on its spectacular work on the Forza Horizon franchise. We know that work will continue in a matter of weeks with the forthcoming Forza Horizon 4, but now the team apparently is hard at work on something even bigger.

While speaking with DualShockers, Xbox games marketing general manager Aaron Greenberg confirmed that the team was working on a "big, big project," though he stopped just short of saying what it actually is.

Greenberg explained, "I think if you look at Playground and their pedigree and the way that they approach game development, the sense of purpose they put behind it, the care, the thoughtfulness…The team is so talented, and just know that same leadership and the same thought process, what they're bringing to Seasons and just totally innovating open-world gaming with Forza Horizon 4. That same leadership, that same talent pool is gonna be driving influence on this second project.

"While it's a secret project and I understand that you and probably all gamers out there the thing they want to know most about, we just ask for a little bit of patience, but know that making sure our world-class team is working on a big, big exclusive game for our fans, is something they should be excited about."

Although he didn't reveal the project, many fans are believe that this "big, big project" is the next entry in Microsoft's Fable franchise. The series has been on hiatus for some time now, with its original developer, Lionhead Studios, being closed down and the free-to-play Fable Legends, which was supposed to release some time ago, being cancelled in the midst of its development. So a new entry in the series would be nice to see.

We'll probably have to wait until sometime next year to see what Playground Games is up to, and if it is in fact Fable. For the time being, though, there's enough to get revved up about as Forza Horizon 4 looks to be the best in the series to date. We'll find out when the game pulls out of the garage on October 2 for Xbox One and Windows PC.