Xbox Highlights the Xbox Series X Controller After PS5 Controller Reveal

In case you somehow missed it yesterday, PlayStation finally revealed its upcoming controller for the PlayStation 5: the DualSense. While not too far off from the design of the PlayStation's controller, it's significant enough to catch the eye with its two-tone aesthetic being particularly, noticeably different. Not content to totally let the console war go away, Xbox took the opportunity to highlight the Xbox Series X controller with a slightly cheeky social media post last night.

First off, here's the DualSense:

As you can clearly see, the design basically takes the PlayStation 4 controller footprint and updates it, with a new light bar placement, microphone array, haptic feedback triggers, and more. Notably, the core buttons are a bit spread out on the front of it rather than being together in the middle. And here's Xbox's slightly tongue-in-cheek tweet from later in the day yesterday:

Now, this could all simply be happenstance, of course, but the timing of it all is pretty suspicious, as is the zooming in on the cluster of buttons on the Xbox Series X controller. Most likely? This is all just some light-hearted ribbing from one giant video game company to another. If you're competing with the group that just revealed a product, and you revealed your own similar product what feels like ages ago, it just makes sense to remind folks.


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Both the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are currently set for a release Holidays 2020. There is, as with all things right now, a chance that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic causes some delays in manufacturing or delivery, though both companies behind the video game consoles have been positive in their messaging so far. You can check out all of our previous coverage of Xbox right here.