Hitman Studio Is Reportedly Working on an Xbox Series X Game

Developer IO Interactive, which is most well-known for its work on the Hitman series, is said to be working on a new game that will be exclusive to Xbox platforms. This project, assuming it exists, is also said to be completely different from the 007 video game that the studio already announced late in 2020. The only downside about all of this news, for now, is that if this title does end up coming about, we likely won't see it for quite a bit longer.

The report at the center of this news stems from a recent video by Windows Central Gaming. According to what is said in the video, IO Interactive has teamed up to create a title exclusively for Xbox Game Studios. And while details of the game are slim for now, it will seemingly be quite a major departure compared to what the developer has done before. The project is said to be set within a fantasy world and will even perhaps feature dragons.

As mentioned previously, however, the game is still said to be very early on in development. Windows Central Gaming specifically annotates that the game is in the prototyping phase and is "several years" away from release at the earlier. With all of this in mind, it may be quite some time until we get confirmation about its existence.

That being said, the notion that IO Interactive would be working on something other than Hitman and its new James Bond video game is something we have already heard about. Studio CEO Hakan Abrak confirmed in a new interview just a few weeks ago that the developer is already cooking up something else right now behind the scenes. Although he didn't say anything about it being a game solely for Xbox, this nugget of info still verifies that the studio has more going on right now than you might think.

So what do you make out of all of this? Would you like to see IO Interactive make a game exclusively for Xbox Game Studios? And what do you think of the potential for a fantasy setting? Let me know all of your thoughts either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.