Perfect Dark and Fable Xbox Series X Games Will Reportedly Be Revealed Soon

According to a new report, alongside Halo Infinite, Microsoft is planning to launch a new Perfect Dark game and a new Fable game in the general release window of the Xbox Series X, which is poised to ship later this year during the holiday season. The report comes way of a prominent industry insider, leaker, and journalist Sabi, who unfortunately didn't divulge many further salient details.

More specifically, Sabi relays word of some scuttlebutt they recently heard, which claims that both games were originally planned to be revealed this month before the coronavirus disrupted everything. Now, the games will likely be revealed in July when Xbox reveals its first and second-party Xbox Series X games. More interesting though is word that both will also release within the first year of the console.

"Friend of mine has been saying for a while that Fable, Perfect Dark, and Halo were planned to be shown this month and all launch within the first year of Xbox Series X. Curious if things have changed," said Sabi on Twitter.

"Should be noted that they just recently announced they'll mostly cover Xbox Series X games in July, so it won't be a particularly long wait," added the industry insider. "I'd take these games w/ a grain of salt as they aren't from usual sources, but they are very rarely wrong."

perfect dark fable copy

As you may know, we've been hearing about a new Fable game for years. At the moment, it looks like this game will not be Fable 4, but a proper reboot of the series. Meanwhile, we've also heard about a new Perfect Dark game, but not nearly as much. That said, when the game's name has made the headlines, it's usually been in the frame of a reboot as well.


Of course, all of this should be taken with a major grain of salt. While Sabi is typically quite reliable, this claim doesn't actually come way of them. Rather it's being boosted by them. Further, even if everything here is correct, it's also subject to change.

The Xbox Series X is scheduled to release sometime this holiday season. For more news, rumors, and leaks on the console -- and everything related to it -- click here.