First Xbox Series X Unboxing Revealed

The first unboxing video for the Xbox Series X has hit the internet, showcasing what buyers can expect to see when the system launches next month. The video was posted to YouTube by user Willy Crow. The video has since been deleted, but a back-up video can be found at ResetEra, right here. In the video, Crow gives viewers a better idea of the size and shape of the console's previously revealed packaging. Once the box has been opened, the buyer will find the console in some wrap, with the new "Power Your Dreams" slogan prominently displayed. In a compartment above the system, the controller and cords can be found.

As this is an unofficial unboxing, the back-up video could also be removed before readers get the chance to see it. If that is the case, there isn't anything too surprising, here. The box has everything buyers would expect to see, including a pair of AA batteries for the console's controller. Before Crow loads the batteries, he gives viewers a look at the controller itself. The controller is similar to the one that's currently available for Xbox One, but a few minor changes have been made to make it a bit more comfortable for users.

The last thing that Crow does in the video is remove the Xbox Series X itself from its black wrapping. Xbox fans have gotten a lot of opportunities to see the console since it was revealed last year, and there have been a number of glimpses at the console outside of stock photos. Still, Crow shows viewers a few different angles of the system.

Unboxing videos aren't for everyone, as some people like to see for themselves what to expect when a system releases. For those that don't mind the minor spoilers, Crow's video provides an exciting look at what gamers around the world will get to experience for themselves when the Xbox Series X releases on November 10th. Launches are always an exciting time for gamers, representing the hope for what a new console generation might bring for the medium. It remains to be seen what will happen in the upcoming console era, but there's always a sense of fun and excitement that surrounds a console launch.

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