Xbox Series X Picks Up Big Unexpected Exclusive Game

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have picked up a big unexpected exclusive game, or at least a console exclusive. More specifically, Microsoft has announced that Ark II -- which was revealed at The Game Awards 2020 -- will be console exclusive to the aforementioned pair of consoles. Right now, it's unclear if this exclusivity deal is of the timed exclusivity variety or if it's a permanent exclusive, however, because it isn't specified, it likely means it's the former. Typically, if something is a permanent exclusive, it's specified.

At the very least, there's going to be a window of time where the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are the only consoles that Ark II is available on, which means Xbox will have one exclusive starring Vin Diesel compared to PlayStation's zero exclusives starring Vin Diesel.

Vin Diesel banter aside, this is actually a pretty big get for Xbox assuming Ark II is as popular as Ark Survival Evolved, one of the generation's biggest sleeper hits.

While this is a big and unexpected get for Xbox, it's not proving to be a popular get, which is usually the case with third-party exclusives. Meanwhile, others are disappointed it's not a complete exclusive.

In addition to a bit of flak about the exclusivity, developer Studio Wildcard also caught some serious backlash at the time of reveal from Ark Survival Evolved players, who ranged from worried about what this means for the current game to outraged a sequel is already being made.


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