Xbox Series X Releases New Red Camo Controller

Last week saw the release of the Xbox Series X|S Electric Volt controller, and now players can choose another color option: Daystrike Camo. The controller features a red, grey, brown, and black color scheme that really stands out from the rest of the system's options. Naturally, Xbox owners can expect to see all the same bells and whistles that are featured in the Series X|S controller. The Daystrike Camo is available now on the Microsoft Store for $69.99, as well as select retailers. In addition to the console, the controller is compatible with Xbox One, PC, and Android devices.

Images of the controller can be found in the Tweet embedded below.

The Xbox Series X already has the Pulse Red controller option, but the Daystrike Camo has a look all its own. Pulse Red is a bright red, while Daystrike Camo offers darker shades of red alongside the brown, black, and gray elements. Unfortunately, those extra accents come at an extra cost, as Daystrike Camo is just a bit pricier than other Xbox Series X controllers.

So far, Xbox Series X is amassing a really interesting set of controller options! Daystrike Camo is officially the sixth controller released specifically for the Xbox Series X, but console owners have plenty of other options, as well. The system is also compatible with all Xbox One controllers, including those custom-made through Xbox Design Lab.

With these two controllers now available, it will be interesting to see what comes next! Xbox Design Lab temporarily closed at the end of 2020, presumably to begin preparations for controllers specifically made for Xbox Series X. At the time, Microsoft revealed that the service would return in 2021, but a set date has not been announced as of this writing. Obviously, this is frustrating for anyone that wants to pick their own color scheme, but thankfully there are plenty of strong controller options currently available.


The Daystrike Camo controller is available for purchase right here.

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