Xbox Update Tests New Storage Feature

Xbox is trying out something new in one of its latest Xbox Insider updates with those in the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring now able to have better control over where their different games, apps, and other forms of media are downloaded. That is to say that whenever you're downloading something on your console, you can specify different install locations such as internal or external drives on a case-by-case basis instead of having everything funneled into one location.

The feature isn't a revolutionary one by any means – after all, it's something that PC users have always been able to do whenever they're downloading a new game. But with how big games are nowadays and more on the way this year, those with multiple storage devices that perhaps use external devices to move games back and forth will be happy to have this simplified storage feature in place.

"We have enabled a new feature which allows you to specify a different default install location for games, backwards compatible games, and apps," Microsoft said about this latest Xbox Insider update's new storage feature. "The default for each will be set to the location you had set previously as your default install location for all content. You can also let Xbox decide where to install your games and apps. Setting a default install location to "Let Xbox decide" will cause your Xbox to try to install that content type to best available drive that has enough space. To get started, you can access this by going to Settings> System> Storage Devices> Change Install Locations."

Like other Xbox Insider updates, this new feature will first be available only to those in the program, specifically those in the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring of testing. After that, the feature will eventually be bundled into a larger Xbox release whenever that one is ready to go live. For those who don't have it yet, Twitter user Idle Sloth showed off a preview of what some of these options look like.

Just this week, the Xbox got another of those live updates which included two different features. Both of those were geared towards the platform's social environment.

Look for this storage feature to release for Xbox users in a future update.