Xbox's Project xCloud Adds 4 New Games

At the moment, it seems that a lot of publishers are banking on streaming being the future of gaming. While the public seems less sold on the concept, Google has pushed the concept hard with Stadia, Amazon may have their own option in the near future and Microsoft plans on rolling out their own service with Project xCloud. The service is only in the preview stages at the moment, but Microsoft hopes to use the size of the Xbox library to stave off the embattled Google Stadia. Microsoft has announced four new titles for Project xCloud, and they're available now: Children of Morta, Dead By Daylight, Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour and Wreckfest.

With video streaming and music streaming taking the place of downloaded content, it seems only natural that the video game industry would also follow suit. Unfortunately, there are a number of hurdles that have prevented gamers from committing to the concept, and Stadia's struggles have only amplified that. Microsoft's approach, however, seems a bit slower and more careful than what Google is attempting.

As of this writing, participation in Project xCloud (Preview) is by invitation only. Candidates must check Microsoft's list of requirements and register for eligibility. To be eligible, players must have an Android device version 6.0 or greater as well as Bluetooth version 4.0+. They also must have a Bluetooth compatible Xbox controller, 5GHz Wi-Fi or mobile data connection 10Mbps down and, finally, they must download the Xbox Game Streaming App.

Those who do receive an invitation to join the Project xCloud (Preview) will find more than 50 games available at the moment. Players can then stream those games to their Android mobile devices or tablet and play with the Xbox controller via Bluetooth (Apple compatibility is planned later). It's an impressive library, and it shows that Microsoft is determined to directly take on Stadia, which launched with a similar number of games. While Stadia beat Microsoft to market, the video game industry has proven that it's rarely about who gets there first, and more about who can do it best.


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