xQc Calls Out Pokimane Haters For Being "Misogynists" During Twitch Rant

Felix 'xQc' Lengyel is currently the most popular male Twitch streamer in the world and Imane 'Pokimane' Anys is currently the most popular female Twitch streamer in the world. They both have millions of fans and millions of detractors. That said, during a recent Twitch stream, xQc called out the haters of his fellow Twitch streamer -- some of which are his own viewers -- for being "legitimate misogynists."

"There's a lot of successful women out there. There's a good handful of them. And they show a lot of good incentive, and they have a lot of good content," said the French Candian streamer during the aforementioned stream. "And legitimate misogynists will say, 'No, they have bad content'.... 'Nah bro, she's only growing because of x, y, and z'."

xQc continued to mock those who say this, before noting that the numbers Pokimane and other female streamers are bringing in speak for themselves.

"All the people that watch and the millions of followers that they have disagree with your stupid a** take," said xQc.

As you would expect, a clip of the rant quickly went viral on r/LivestreamFail and social media, and it even caught the attention of Pokimane, who reacted to it and thanked xQc for defending her and other female streamers.

"Thanks, X, you're a real one," said Pokimane. "Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined myself on an LSF post of xQc saying something nice about me and most of the top comments also saying something nice about me. I slept real well last night, let's just say that."

Pokimane added that xQc's rant was a breath of fresh air due to the countless streamers who will say bad things about her to farm viewers. She also pointed out the fact that xQc had to say all of this in the first place is a reminder that female streamers have to deal with a lot of additional nonsense on top of all the other nonsense that comes with being a popular streamer.


Speaking to this nonsense, the world's other most popular female streamer, Valkyrae, recently revealed that she's ready to quit social media and streaming on YouTube due to all of the hate and toxicity involved.