GUNNAR's New Lightning Bolt 360s Dubbed the "Holy Grail" of Gaming Glasses


If you suffer from digital eye strain, there's a good chance that you're familiar with GUNNAR Optiks line of eyewear. Their collection of protective glasses has become popular with gamers and daily computer users in recent years, but everything that they have done has led up to the release of their new Lightning Bolt 360 line, which they are boldly dubbing as the "Holy Grail" of gaming glasses.

The LB360 comes in three editions: GUNNAR, 6 Siege and ESL, which can be ordered here on Amazon for $129.99 - $139.99. That's pretty expensive for gaming glasses, but the customization options are certainly a factor in the price tag. A breakdown of the features can be found below along with an intro video.

  • Unique 'lightning bolt' design relieves temple pressure
  • 3 different temple options: classic (standard wear), post (slim, lightweight fit) and strap (for maximum comfort with headset)
  • Interchangeable lens for both indoor and outdoor use: GUNNAR's benchmark Amber lens for optimal performance and blue light protection while gaming indoors and Sun for viewing screens in bright sunlit conditions (100% UV protection)
  • 3 nose bridge sizes for the perfect fit: small, medium, large
  • Sturdy protective case & pouch for storage
  • Prescription options are available at starting at $350

"GUNNAR has always been the leader in the gaming space, and we take design innovation very seriously – going beyond blocking blue light. After listening to feedback from the gaming community, it was clear that temple pressure and headaches while wearing headsets were two big issues that needed to be addressed, and so the design idea for the LB360 was born," said Georgina Petrie, GUNNAR's director of marketing, gaming & brand. "We didn't just stop there, rather than just delivering a pair of blue light gaming glasses, we wanted to develop a solution that addresses any use-case scenario for anyone that takes gaming seriously – gaming on the go, indoors and out, headset or no headset – a true elite gaming offering. We are thrilled to be finally launching LB360 today to gamers across the globe."

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