LEGO Artemis Space Launch System and Milky Way Sets Are On Sale Now

LEGO is heading to space on May 14th.

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The big LEGO drops for May 2024 are the Star Wars Day sets, Despicable Me 4 sets, and the two space-themed sets that LEGO launched today, May 15th – NASA Artemis Space Launch System (10341) and The Milky Way Galaxy (31212). Everything you need to know about getting your hands on them can be found right here. 

We'll start with the NASA Artemis Space Launch System, which is 3,601-piece, highly detailed set that includes features like a multistage rocket with 2 solid-fuel boosters, a mobile launch tower with retractable umbilicals, rocket support and crew bridge. and a model of the Orion spacecraft with foldout solar panels that can be placed inside the rocket or on a separate display stand. It's priced at $259.99, and will be available first to LEGO Insiders starting on May 14th / 15th at 9pm PT / 12am ET here at You can sign up for a free LEGO Insiders account right here. The set will open up to everyone at the same time and in the same place on May 18th. 

See the Artemis Space Launch System Set at LEGO

The short-term goal of NASA's Artemis program is to return humans to the Moon and establish a sustainable presence there by the late 2020s. This will include putting the first woman and person of color on the Moon and developing collaborative partnerships with other nations and private companies to help develop a lunar economy. The long-term goal is to acquire the knowledge and develop the technologies that will be necessary for manned missions to Mars and beyond. That said, the Artemis Space Launch System LEGO set is poised to become quite a collector's item, so we suggest being ready to grab one when the set launches. 


Next up is The Milky Way Galaxy Set, which is part of the LEGO Art lineup. This super colorful display utilizes 3,091 pieces that will be applied in layers to create a 3D effect with textures that will pop off of your wall. It features some of the Milky Way's most famous landmarks, including Trappist-1, The Pleiades, The Crab Nebula and The Pillars of Creation. Note that it can be built by as much as 5 people at once using a panel system with individual instruction booklets. 

See the Milky Way Galaxy Set at LEGO

The set is priced at $199.99 and, like the the Artemis Space Launch System, it's available for LEGO Insiders starting on May 14th / 15th at 9pm PT / 12am ET here at, followed by a general launch on the 18th. 

You can find more upcoming LEGO releases here in the LEGO Shop's "Coming Soon" section.  After the launch, they will shift here in the "Available Now" section