Obtain Sweet Disks In the Strange Planet Comics Card Game


Those of you who have been introduced to the of the Strange Planet webcomic by Nathan W. Pyle will undoubtedly be excited to hear about Sweet Existence. It's a new card game from Hasbro that's based on the comic, and it's absolutely loaded with its unique brand of humor.

Sweet Existence features over 100 exclusive comics, and fast-paced play where players will "form connections, experience life events, and develop strategies to add more Sweet Disks to their stash while avoiding the dreaded Perish card." These "Sweet Disks" are actually cookies that are unsuitable for consumption, which makes complete sense if you've read the comic. Additional details on the gameplay are available in the video below.

Pre-orders for the Strange Planet Sweet Existence card game are live here at Entertainment Earth for $17.99 with shipping slated for August. It's also available here on Amazon for $19.99 with shipping slated for September. If you want more of the comic, you can check out the official Instagram. You can also order the Strange Planet and Stranger Planet books on Amazon.

Given the popularity of Strange Planet, we can see this card game being the next Exploding Kittens (Amazon), which is a wildly successful card game that features illustrations based on The Oatmeal webcomic.


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