Transformers Kingdom Mirage and Grimlock Amazon Exclusive 2-Pack Is Up for Pre-Order


Hasbro dropped the Transformers Generations Deluxe WFC-K40 Autobot Mirage And Maximal Grimlock Battle Across Time Collection 2-pack out of the blue today, and pre-orders are live here on Amazon (exclusive) for $52.99 while it lasts.

The set includes a G1-inspired 5.5-inch Autobot Mirage figure that converts to Earth racecar mode in 20 steps. There's also a Beast Wars: Uprising-inspired 5.5-inch Maximal Grimlock that converts to raptor mode in 28 steps. As far as accessories are concerned, there are two blaster pieces and Maximal Grimlock’s tail detaches from raptor mode to become 2 sword accessories.


From the official description:

"The Battle Across Time Collection allows fans to experience the clash between G1 and Beast Wars with MAXIMAL and AUTOBOT team-ups! With DINOBOT, STARSCREAM, and WASPINATOR in pursuit, GRIMLOCK and MIRAGE must team up to keep the DECEPTICON-PREDACON threat at bay. Each Battle Across Time pack features exclusive art that creates an epic battle scene when combined (each sold separately, subject to availability)."


The Deluxe WFC-K40 Autobot Mirage and Maximal Grimlock pack has a release date set for November 1st. Note that you won't be charged on Amazon until it ships, so you might want to lock one down while you can. You can easily cancel before the launch date.

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