'A Quiet Place' Producers Debunk 'Cloverfield' Sequel Theory

The weekend's box office was won by the monster movie A Quiet Place, featuring a family attempting to survive a world in which horrifying monsters attack even the most subtle of sounds. The film's writers, Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, shared that they saw the potential for the film to be integrated into the world of Cloverfield films early on, yet producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form were unaware of the screenwriters' initial intentions and never considered A Quiet Place to be a Cloverfield movie.

"We just kind of laughed about it, because I have no idea how that started. This was never going to be a Cloverfield movie," Fuller shared with CinemaBlend of the Cloverfield theories. "It was a spec script that we bought at Paramount 18 months ago and never had anything to do with Cloverfield. I don't know where that started. No one ever asked us about it. It was just one of those things where the first teaser was released and people started to play the game. I think it kind of went away when the Cloverfield movie, you know the Paradox, came out. No one's really brought it up since then but I have no idea where that started."

After three entries in the Cloverfield franchise, the biggest connection between them is their title and that all three are sci-fi thrillers, with the sequels to the original 2008 film all being written as independent stories that Bad Robot Productions and J.J. Abrams tweaked to create a more unifying tone. Abrams himself has described the Cloverfield universe as a theme park with each film being a different ride at the park.

With A Quiet Place now being a massive success, the producers are even less interested in connecting their film or any potential sequels to the Cloverfield franchise.

"That's not our world. I mean that's J.J.'s world and he's carefully curating that Cloverfield world," Andrew Form confessed of crossing his films over with Abrams' series. "So I don't even know if this is something that he would want."

"No, but I think this is our world," Fuller said of his interest in a crossover. "I think [director] John [Krasinski] has created this amazing world with these characters and I think A Quiet Place definitely lives on its own."

A Quiet Place is in theaters now. Cloverfield 4 is slated to hit theaters on October 26th.


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