It Takes Guts to Own a Giant 'IT' Pennywise Talking Doll


Enjoying the recent big screen adaptation of Stephen King's IT is one thing, but it takes a next level fan to willingly invite this 15-inch, talking Pennywise doll into their home.

The Pennywise doll comes from Mezco Toys, and it appears that no creepy detail was overlooked. It features full articulation, a cloth outfit, and it says six "nightmare-inducing phrases from the film". If you have the courage to own it, pre-orders are available here for $89.99 with free U.S. shipping slated for April.

Unfortunately, the ship date means that you won't have the doll in time to display for Halloween this year, but you will have it in plenty of time for Halloween 2019, not to mention the premiere of IT: Chapter Two on September 6th.

Just don't be surprised if you wake up in the middle of the night and the Pennywise doll is only inches from your face repeatedly saying "you'll float too". That's when you'll discover that you wet the bed.


On a related note, Funko recently launched their first collection of 5 Star figures based on popular characters from horror films! The first wave includes Freddy Krueger from the Nightmare on Elm Street series, Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th series, Chucky from the Child's Play series, and Pennywise from the recent adaptation of Stephen King's IT.

You can pre-order the entire lineup of Funko Horror 5 Star figures right here with shipping slated for November. If you are unfamiliar, Funko's 5 Star figures are basically enhanced versions of their beloved Pops. Features include more realistic details, three points of articulation for posing, and fun accessories.

In this case, Pennywise comes with a red balloon and Georgie's boat, Freddy comes with alternate hands, Chucky comes with a bloody knife and doll, and Jason comes with a bloody machete and axe.


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