Diver Snaps Great White Shark Photo That Nearly Replicates Jaws Poster

(Photo: Universal)

British photographer and filmmaker Euan Rannachan recently snapped a photo of a great white shark swimming toward the surface of the ocean that instantly evoked Roger Kastel's famous poster for Jaws, Steven Spielberg's 1975 blockbuster that redefined the summer movie season. While cage diving off the west coast of Mexico, Rannachan caught a 17' great white swimming toward the surface of the water, baring its teeth.

The resultant photo has become a bit of a phenomenon, since (aside from the doomed swimmer and some physical characteristics) the image was so reminiscent of the Jaws poster that anybody seeing it could be forgiven if they mistook it for the same image. Of course, the Kastel image is a painting, not a poster, and so seeing it "in the flesh" is all the more impressive for some fans.

"Honestly, I have not really had a moment to take it all in," Rannachan told The Daily Jaws. "I am feeling very appreciative and humbled for sure. But also very excited that I am able to share these toothy friends with more of the world. I get "you must be very brave" a lot, and honestly im not lol. But the thing is I have never felt scared around sharks so for me its a honor every-time in the water with them! Like I said already I just hope hope my images are able to show people the other side of these animals." You can check out the photo below.

"This is a photo that a lot of my shark friends, including myself, have been trying to take for years," Rannachan admitted. "I had a feeling I had it but things happen so fast down there really all I could do was get ready for the next pass if there going to be one. It was not till much later that night when i was backing up footage that I saw I had it and most importantly IT WAS IN FOCUS."



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