New 47 Meters Down: Uncaged Trailer Teases More Terror

Ever since Jaws landed in theaters in 1975 and helped define the term "blockbuster," the horror genre has aimed to replicate its success. While a series of knockoffs followed in subsequent years, like Piranha and Orca, recent years have seen filmmakers attempt to get more creative with their tales of terror focusing on the fish terrorizing victims. In 2017, 47 Meters Down depicted a pair of sisters whose diving cage plummets to the bottom of the ocean with ferocious sharks in their way to the surface. The film's sequel, 47 Meters Down: Uncaged, focuses on an all-new group of unlikely divers who find themselves trapped with sharks. Check out the film's new trailer above.

The film follows the story of four teen girls diving in a ruined underwater city, who quickly find themselves in a watery hell as their fun outing turns into heart-stopping fear when they learn they are not alone in the submerged caves. As they swim deeper into the claustrophobic labyrinth of caves they enter the territory of the deadliest shark species in the ocean.

The new film will stars John Corbett (Sex in the City), Nia Long (Empire), Sophie Nelisse (The Book Thief), Corinne Foxx, Sistine Stallone, Brianne Tju (Scream TV series), Davi Santos (Polaroid), and Khylin Rhambo (Teen Wolf).

The year prior to 47 Meters Down's release, The Shallows landed in theaters, depicting a surfer who becomes stranded on a rock just off shore as a shark patrolled the area. While some audiences claimed 47 Meters Down was merely trying to copy that film's success, it was already being edited when The Shallows was released, with that film's success earning director Johannes Roberts the opportunity to realize his film to its fullest potential.

"We are so pleased by the huge success of 47 Meters Down; it totally exceeded all expectations," James Harris of The Fyzz Facility, the studio producing the sequel, explained when the film was announced. "[This sequel] will take the claustrophobia of cave diving and the thrill of shark encounters and move everything to the next level."

"47 Meters Down has captured the imagination of audiences worldwide, and we're thrilled to be reteaming with the filmmakers and our friends at The Fyzz for the sequel, which will ratchet up the thrills and spills to a whole new level," added Mike Runagall of Altitude Film Sales.

The first film earned $61 million worldwide, which isn't a staggering number, but coming off a reported production budget of $6 million, it's easy to see why the studio would want to take another shot at the premise. Last year's The Meg, meanwhile, scored $530 million worldwide on a budget of $130 million, similarly confirming the exponential returns on a horror movie featuring sharks.


47 Meters Down: Uncaged hits theaters on August 16th.

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