'A Quiet Place' Confirmed As Best-Reviewed Horror Movie of 2018 by Rotten Tomatoes

A Quiet Place hit theaters last April and quickly became a critical and box office success, confirming a sequel would be heading into development. With 2018 officially having come to a close, Rotten Tomatoes has confirmed that it was the best-reviewed horror film of the year.

Rotten Tomatoes describes the film, "A Quiet Place artfully plays on elemental fears with a ruthlessly intelligent creature feature that's as original as it is scary -- and establishes director John Krasinski as a rising talent."

The film sits at 95 percent positive reviews on the site, with Hereditary's 89 percent landing it in second place and Mandy's 92 percent putting it in third. The site's calculations for the best-reviewed films of the year weighted not only the final score, but also the number of reviews a film earned, which is how Hereditary was able to top Mandy.

In A Quiet Place, a family living on a farm hides from a supernatural evil attracted to sound by avoiding making sounds and communicating in sign language.

Following the announcement of the sequel, fans immediately began to speculate if Krasinski would be involved, with his most recent comments confirming he is writing it and hinting he could direct it.

"Paramount was asking a bunch of writers and directors what they might do with it, and to their credit, they didn't take any of those pitches because they felt a little more franchise-y," Krasinski shared with The New York Times. "Meanwhile, I had this tiny idea that fit that world and could be exciting. Paramount asked if I would write it and I'm doing that now, but I'm still thinking about what I want to do next. If I can crack the idea, I would love to direct it again, and if I can't, I would love to give it to someone else with my fingerprints on it to make sure it's being taken care of."

He added, "I know that anyone reading this will be like, 'Yeah right, art guy,' but I do have sort of a parental feeling about this movie, and I don't want A Quiet Place to turn into an action movie where 400 people have machine guns. Or did I give away the ending to the sequel?"

The original film was written by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, with Krasinski giving the script a rewrite when he secured the gig of directing and starring in. The filmmaker's most recent comments fall in line with previous remarks he has made, claiming that he was initially uninterested in being attached to the sequel at all until he admitted that he had a small idea he'd be willing to flesh out.

"I can't stop them from doing [a sequel]. I'm a realist, I know how the studio operates," the director reminded. "At first, I wanted nothing to do with a sequel — I told my wife, 'It can never be this good again.' And she said, 'Of course it won't. Take this movie, put it on a mantel so you can look at it anytime you want, and then go out and do something else.'"

The untitled A Quiet Place sequel will be landing in theaters on May 15, 2020.


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