Discovery Announces Mysterious New Series Alien Encounters: Fact or Fiction (Exclusive)

The otherworldly new series premieres on Discovery on June 19th.

With a number of paranormal TV series, witnesses to strange events are allowed to present their experiences to the camera and allow viewers at home to judge for themselves what they believe. In the all-new Discovery series Alien Encounters: Fact or Fiction, two hosts use their years of investigative experience to either cast doubt on or support the claims made by witnesses, marking a new type of program in the realm of the genre. You can check out a teaser for Alien Encounters: Fact or Fiction above before the series premieres on Discovery on June 19th at 10 p.m. ET.

"Alien Encounters: Fact or Fiction is a fun and exciting addition to our Wednesday night line-up, taking viewers on an out-of-this-world journey with a big payoff," Howard Lee, President of Discovery Networks, shared in a statement. "As audiences listen to these intimate encounters, they can judge for themselves what they believe before our experts weigh in with facts. It packs the thrill of the unknown with a hunt for evidence, while satisfying the thirst for knowledge."

Per press release, "An all-new series will investigate the veracity behind personal accounts of otherworldly experiences when Alien Encounters: Fact or Fiction premieres Wednesday, June 19th at 10 p.m. ET on Discovery Channel and Max. With reports of UAPs (unexplained aerial phenomena) on the rise, UFO experts Mitch Horowitz and Chrissy Newton use scientific data and research to dissect real-life encounters with extraterrestrial activity and determine whether or not they can be explained."

"Posting up at a local watering hole in Roswell, New Mexico, a town infamous for its UFO past, Horowitz and Newton meet with individuals who have experienced strange and unexplainable encounters. After listening to each firsthand account, the duo taps into the latest intelligence, technology, and tools to investigate the reported activity. Using recently declassified UFO documents, databases, and more, the pair closely analyze the visual and physical evidence to separate fact from fiction. They'll then render a final verdict on whether each individual experience has a verifiable explanation, or if they believe it to be a real alien encounter.

"In the premiere episode, Mitch Horowitz and Chrissy Newton meet with a farming couple from California who believe they've captured video evidence proving the afterlife is real. Then, a geologist believes he may have unearthed the most important piece of evidence to ever come from a UFO crash site -- leaving even the experts speechless. Finally, they speak with a mother who is struggling to make sense of a harrowing UFO encounter that she believes caused her neurological damage and left radiation burns on her body."

Additional stories this season include:

  • A woman seeks to understand her childhood abduction experience, which yields shocking results.
  • A husband-and-wife bigfoot hunting team believe they have physical proof of an alien presence on Earth.
  • While miles apart from each other, a couple experiences the same UFO encounter.
  • A Maine lobsterman who had a harrowing experience while camping is finally ready to relive the story.
  • Two friends who believe they were abducted by an otherworldly force on a drive through the California desert.
  • A woman traveling to Machu Picchu in Peru captures what might be the most critical photo of a UFO ever taken.
  • Brothers uncover a piece of metal that they believe came from a crashed UFO.

Alien Encounters: Fact or Fiction premieres on Discovery on June 19th at 10 p.m. ET.  

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