American Horror Story: 1984: Leslie Grossman Teases "More to See" of Margaret's Story

Straight out of the gate, fans of American Horror Story: 1984 had one major element of the latest season of the FX horror anthology pegged. The hyper-Christian owner of Camp Redwood Margaret Booth (played by Leslie Grossman) wasn't really the survivor of the camp's original 1970 massacre. She was the real killer, setting up Mr. Jingles to take the fall for her crimes. As the season has continued, Margaret has ended up being a mass killer in the show's 1984 camp setting as well and once again let an innocent take the fall. Now, as the season heads into its final few episodes, Grossman says there's still more to Margaret's story to see -- and reveals what she hopes the villain's final fate will be.

Speaking with TV Guide, Grossman revealed that playing the full-blown villain in Margaret has been a dream come true for her, professional. She also said that while she couldn't reveal if Margaret would follow the path many American Horror Story villains do by having a complicated, vulnerable side, there is a lot more "good stuff" in store when it comes to Margaret's story.

"I can't give any spoilers of any kind, but I would say there's a lot more to see," Grossman said. "And just when you think the show is gonna zig it zags. So there's a lot more to discover. Not just about Margaret, but about lots of other things. There's still so much good stuff in store."

Some of that "good stuff" was revealed in the time jump during this week's "Episode 100". In the jump forward to 1985 it was revealed that Margaret has long since abandoned her hyper-Christian faith and has become a real estate mogul specializing in purchasing up the sites of horrific murders and crimes -- including Briarcliff Mansion, whose mention ties together all of the current seasons of American Horror Story -- while allowing Brooke (Emma Thompson) to sit on death row for the murders at Camp Redwood. Margaret has also largely blackmailed Trevor (Matthew Morrison) who miraculously survived the massacre into marrying her simply so he couldn't testify against her. In what might be the most disturbing twist, Margaret even goes to witness Brooke's execution. It takes her villainy to the next level, but Grossman said that when it comes to her ultimate fate, she'd like to see Margaret live forever rather than get her comeuppance.


"I see Margaret differently," Grossman said. "I would like Margaret to live forever. But I do think that the audience would love to see Margaret have a terrible, terrible death! ... But if it were up to me, Margaret would continue her horrible reign until the end of time."

American Horror Story airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on FX.