Annabelle Comes Home Might Reveal Next Conjuring Spinoff

The Conjuring came along in 2013, dubbed by those brave enough to watch the James Wan horror flick [...]

The Conjuring came along in 2013, dubbed by those brave enough to watch the James Wan horror flick as one of the most terrifying movies ever created. Since, it has spawned a sequel (with a third on the way) and a pair of spinoffs in the form on The Nun and Annabelle franchises. As the story goes, the spinoffs and expansions of what has now become a shared universe of Conjuring-centric films determines its next endeavors by which elements of existing films the audience has the strongest responses to.

If Annabelle Comes Home is any indication, the next film in the franchise to follow The Conjuring 3 might just be something brand new: a story about a werewolf possession.

Mild spoilers for Annabelle Comes Home follow. Warning!

The Warren Artifact room is one big Conjuring universe basket of Easter eggs and opportunities. Each haunted artifact, all of which were once possessed by a demon spirit, presents a chance to take the franchise in a new direction with a new story. However, Ed and Lorraine Warren keep their case files at the ready, as well. Among them: a hellhound -- a true story in which a human becomes possessed by a werewolf.

"I mean that's the crazy thing, is a lot of people don't realize that the Warren's actually investigated a werewolf case and that's one of their stories, one of their more infamous stories that I love," Annabelle Comes Home executive producer and Conjuring universe puppet master James Wan told "I love the idea that maybe if we can do it, it'd be great to see a werewolf movie in the Conjuring universe."

First time director Gary Dauberman, who also penned the script for Annabelle Comes Home, is no less enthusiastic about the potential for a werewolf spinoff than Wan. "It is a true story, it's a case file," Dauberman explains. "It's one of the more popular case files from the Warrens. They investigated this man who was possessed by this spirit, this werewolf, or this hellhound. So it just felt like this was the perfect opportunity to explore something like that, and see if it's something the audiences will dig or not. It's always a constant conversation to see how that is, but you just want it to feel grounded and authentic, and make it feel a part of the universe so it doesn't feel so separate."

As the story goes according to producer Peter Safran, the Conjuring universe chooses its expansions based on the response from moviegoers and fans. Could the hellhound case file be the story which makes its way to the Conjuring universe and the big screen next? Share your thoughts in the comment section or send them my way on Instagram and Twitter!

Annabelle Comes Home is now playing in theaters.