'Beetlejuice' Is Returning to Movie Theaters

It's showtime!According to a new report from Entertainment Weekly, Beetlejuice is headed back to [...]

It's showtime!

According to a new report from Entertainment Weekly, Beetlejuice is headed back to theaters in the United States for a limited time. This newly-remastered re-release of the iconic film serves as both a celebration of its 30th anniversary, as well as part of the movie world's Halloween festivities.

Following the current domestic re-release, Beetlejuice will also be screened in theaters in the U.K., France, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Australia, and Latin America.

This re-relase isn't the only Beetlejuice-themed content that fans can expect. A musical version of the Tim Burton film is currently headed to broadway, with Alex Brightman and Sophia Anne Caruso playing the roles of Beetlejuice and Lydia.

And of course, there's the nature of a theoretical Beetlejuice sequel, something that has been tossed around for quite some time.

"Rule number one, do not talk about future [movies] until they are realized," Burton said in an interview back in 2016. "In the past I have talked about two projects that were then canceled. I love the character... If it has to happen it will happen... Better not to plan too far in advance. We'll see. Do not forget the best movie I've ever done, Superman."

"It's possible that ship has sailed," Michael Keaton previously said of the possibility of him reprising the titular role. "The only way to do it is to do it right. So much of it was improvised and so much was beautifully handmade by the artist that is Tim Burton. If you can't get close to that, you leave it alone...There are certain movies that are like Indian burial grounds. You never ride over them. Bad s— happens if you cross that. You don't touch certain things. They are sacred."

It does sound like Beetlejuice 2 could hypothetically become a reality, with the sequel getting a rewrite from Mike Vukadinovich back in 2017.

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