Netflix Reveals 'Bird Box' Has Been Viewed By 80 Million Households

Bird Box continues to fly high with its viewership numbers as Netflix is boasting impressive [...]

bird box

Bird Box continues to fly high with its viewership numbers as Netflix is boasting impressive audience statistics.

The Sandra Bullock-lead post-apocalyptic thriller debuting over the holiday season in 2018, finding a little sweet spot which prompted many subscribers to watch the thrill ride with their families and take to social media for a landslide of content. Now, Netflix is estimating that Bird Box has been watched in more than 80 million members households in its first four weeks of release.

"We are seeing high repeat viewing," Netflix executives wrote in a letter to shareholders. "In its first 4 weeks on Netflix, we estimate that Bird Box from director Susanne Bier will be enjoyed by over 80 million member households." Netflix does not typically release its viewer numbers but the exceptionally rate of watching for Bird Box seems to have them singing a different tune, this time around. In late December, the streaming service claimed Bird Box had been watched by more than 45 million accounts. The claim was backed by TV-rating measurement company Nielsen, soon after.

Still, the popular title retains a good bit of mystery, at least within its own narrative. Director Susanne Bier made the decision to keep the movie's creature a mystery, through Bullock opened up about it in post-release interviews.

While no one seems to be touching on what the creature does to the characters when they see it, Bullock has previously commented on what it appeared as on set. "It was a green man with a horrific baby face," Bird Box's Mallory actress Sandra Bullock explained to BloodyDisgusting. "It was snake-like, and I was like, 'I don't want to see it when it first happens. Just bring it into the room. We'll shoot the scene.' I turn and he's like this [growling at me.] It's making me laugh. It was just a long fat baby." Of course, the sequence Bullock is referring to was ultimately cut from the film, so whether or not this description holds up to canon can be debated.

Bird Box is streaming now on Netflix.