Bruce Campbell Supports 'Evil Dead' Franchise Continuing Without Him

After nearly 40 years, Bruce Campbell has officially hung up his chainsaw and retired his iconic [...]

After nearly 40 years, Bruce Campbell has officially hung up his chainsaw and retired his iconic Evil Dead role of Ash Williams following Starz's cancellation of Ash vs. Evil Dead. While many might interpret this to mean the franchise has come to an end, Campbell shared a message of support to the series were decisions made to continue on without him.

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When a fan asked if Campbell would grant his blessing to the film series' creators and former stars, Campbell confirmed, "Not that they need it, but of course. Lots of unexplored stories and crossovers in the Evil Dead universe."

Ash has been a core component of the series, with Campbell having starred in the three original films, three seasons of Ash vs. Evil Dead, and lent his voice to multiple Evil Dead-inspired video games. The series did, however, offer audiences the 2013 reboot Evil Dead, which avoided all mention of the Ash character. A post-credits scene did feature a glimpse of Campbell as Ash, though it wasn't clear whether this was meant as a teaser of a new chapter or merely a seal of approval from Campbell.

Earlier this month, franchise producer Rob Tapert teased that a new reboot could be in the works following the cancellation, though he echoed Campbell's comments about leaving the franchise behind for good.

"We had a really great idea for where it was going to go in the future, and it was something Sam had been talking about: rebooting a movie. What that scenario could be," Tapert revealed at Motor City Comic Con. "And then, Bruce wrote to [director] Sam [Raimi] and I one day, 'If they don't [renew the series], I'm retiring from Ash.' [We asked], 'But wait Bruce, what about a movie?!' [Campbell noted], 'No, I'm retiring.' So. We'll see."

Tapert teased that the concept of reviving the movie franchise is still on the table.

"Sam and myself have been talking about what a new incarnation would be," Tapert confirmed.

Given Ash's popularity over the years, we doubt we've seen the last of him, yet the new adventures awaiting the Evil Dead franchise are yet to be determined.

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