SYFY's 'Channel Zero: The Dream Door' Gets First Trailer

The first trailer for the new season of Channel Zero, entitled "The Dream Door," has debuted, which you can watch above. The new season will debut on October 26th and will see new episodes air on consecutive days up through October 31st.

The new season is described, "Channel Zero returns with The Dream Door, the anthology series' latest installment based on the 'creepypasta' short story 'Hidden Door' by Charlotte Bywater. Premiering over six consecutive nights from Friday, October 26th through Halloween Night, Wednesday, October 31st at 11 pm ET, Channel Zero: The Dream Door follows newlyweds Jillian and Tom, who have each brought secrets into their marriage. When they discover a strange door in their basement, those secrets start to threaten their relationship and their lives. Created by Nick Antosca, Channel Zero: The Dream Door is directed by Evan Katz (Small Crimes, Cheap Thrills) and stars Brandon Scott (Grey's Anatomy), Maria Sten (Straight Outta Compton), Steven Robertson (Elementary), Troy James (The Strain), Steven Weber (Wings), and Barbara Crampton (You're Next). Following the premiere on October 26th, all six episodes will be available on VOD."

Much like American Horror Story, Channel Zero takes an anthology format, allowing audiences to tune in for new seasons without having to see its predecessors. The subject matter depicted in each season of the series has been both compelling and horrifying, making "The Dream Door" a great opportunity for viewers to see what they've been missing.

With each season being inspired by a different creepypasta, co-creator Antosca detailed that his aim with each season is to deliver a horrifying experience inspired by the story that doesn't necessarily recreate it.

"We think of each installment of Channel Zero as the nightmare you have after you read the original story, so we have a writer's room that's populated with some excellent horror storytellers," Antosca previously shared with Dread Central. "My friend Don Mancini who created Child's Play, who I know from Hannibal, there's Harley Payton who wrote or co-wrote like half the original episodes of Twin Peaks, and there's a couple of wonderful staff writers so we have a lot of great horror minds in the room and we take the original story and build on it while trying to honor the spirit of the original author."

Check out the season premiere of Channel Zero on October 26th.

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