New Child's Play Photo Offers Best Look Yet at New Chucky


Mark Hamill is going to voice Chucky in a new Child's Play, and that trippy reality is still settling in with many viewers -- but as the movie draws closer and closer, audiences are being treated to more of a sense for the look and feel of the project including, maybe unsurprisingly, another new look at the murderous doll, watching Andy (Gabriel Bateman) while he sleeps. "At this point in the movie, at least, Chucky has no ulterior motives," producer Seth Grahame-Smith told EW, who debuted the image. "He's just full of love for his best buddy and dreaming of ways to make him happy. It just happens that this particular toy is not all that it seems."

As in the original films, most of film uses practical effects to bring Chucky to life. "It was important to Lars that we use animatronics as much as possible," producer David Katzenberg has said. "As fans of Todd's work, we were thrilled when he and his team of exceptional artists and puppeteers agreed to take on the challenge of creating our take on a classic character."

The Child's Play reboot is being directed by Lars Kievberg from a script by Tyler Burton Smith. David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith are producing. Aaron Schmidt is executive producer.

The Child's Play reboot will reportedly make some changes to the original franchise's formula. Rather than leaning into a possession angle to explain Chucky's murderous intent, the new reboot is rumored to rely more on technological explanations. The lethal doll is supposedly created after a Chinese factory worker removes its pre-programmed limitations on violence form a Buddy doll and then commits suicide.

The film's main character, Andy, is described as "clever and quirky. Socially awkward but in an endearing way. He also has a clunky old hearing aid in his ear." His mother, Karen, is said to be "a bit of a mess but loves her son very much. She lives in a small apartment and has a job at a superstore that sells Buddy dolls. By chance, she takes home the dysfunctional Buddy doll before it is returned to the factory, as she can't afford a birthday gift for her son."

Here's the synopsis for the film: "Child's Play follows a mother named Karen who gives her son Andy a toy doll, Chucky, though both aren't aware of its evil nature." The reboot stars Aubrey Plaza, Gabriel Bateman, Brian Tyree Henry, Tim Matheson.

What do you think of the new Chucky? The Child's Play reboot opens in theaters on June 21st.



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