Child's Play Creator Hints at TV Series Arriving in 2020

Writer Don Mancini holds the distinction of being one of the only filmmakers in the world of horror to have written seven consecutive entries into one franchise. Beginning with 1988's Child's Play and up through 2017's Cult of Chucky, the writer has been able to maintain a consistent tone and cohesive narrative over multiple decades. Exciting fans further is that the series continues to evolve, with Mancini having previously confirmed that the pint-sized Chucky would continue his reign of terror on the small screen. Official details about the series have yet to be revealed, though Mancini recently teased that we can expect it to debut sometime next year.

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Over on Twitter, one fan asked Mancini for details about the next new Chucky movie, with the filmmaker clarifying the next adventure would be a TV series landing in 2020.

Mancini isn't the only one who has stuck with the franchise since its inception, with actor Brad Dourif having voiced the character in each film and producer David Kirschner helping develop each installment. The new series has recruited Channel Zero creator Nick Antosca, who shared details earlier this year about what to expect from the TV series.

"The working title is Chucky," Antosca admitted to SlashFilm. "That could change, but that's the working title."

As far as keeping in line with Bride of Chucky, Seed of Chucky, Curse of Chucky, and Cult of Chucky, Antosca added, "You know what that is when you hear the word."

The producer went on to tease that the upcoming series will appeal not only to devout fans of the franchise, but also to newcomers.

"It's consistent with that mythology, but it's a whole new story," the producer detailed. "So you could come into it without knowing anything about the previous stuff and get into it. But it is consistent with all the mythology that has come before, so it is in canon."

Following the release of Child's Play 3, the franchise reinvented itself to a degree, as it leaned into the inherent absurdity of the premise more heavily. Antosca noted that the TV series would be a more straightforward horror experience that later chapters in the saga.

"The series is going to be closer to the tone of the first two movies in the series though," Antosca confessed. "It's going to go back to a sort of classic scare."

Stay tuned for details on the Child's Play TV series.

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