New Creepshow Trailer Highlights the Monstrous Mayhem of New Series

A reimagining of the film by director George Romero and writer Stephen King, Shudder's Creepshow will debut on the streaming service later this month and will bring with it a cavalcade of chaos, as witnessed in the above trailer. The new series will feature adaptations of stories by King and his son, writer Joe Hill, who also had a small role in the 1982 movie as a misbehaving child, among other writers. Not only is there lots of talent behind the camera, but in front of it as well, with actors like Tobin Bell (Saw), Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad), and star of the original film Adrienne Barbeau all appearing. Creepshow debuts on Shudder on September 26th.

The first season will also feature segments based on stories by award-winning and acclaimed writers including "By the Silver Water of Lake Champlain" by Joe Hill, "The Companion" by Joe R. Lansdale, Kasey Lansdale, and Keith Lansdale, "The Finger" by David J. Schow, "Lydia Layne's Better Half" by John Harrison and Greg Nicotero, "Night of the Paw" by John Esposito, "Bad Wolf Down" by Rob Schrab, "All Hallows Eve" by Bruce Jones, "The Man in the Suitcase" by Christopher Buehlman, "Times is Tough in Musky Holler" by John Skipp and Dori Miller, and "Skincrawlers" Paul Dini and Stephen Langford."

The series stars David Arquette (Scream franchise), Adrienne Barbeau (The Fog), Tobin Bell (Saw), Big Boi (Antwan Patton), Jeffrey Combs (Star Trek, Re-Animator), Kid Cudi (Scott Mescudi), Bruce Davison (Longtime Companion, X-Men), Giancarlo Esposito (Better Call Saul), Dana Gould (The Simpsons, Stan Against Evil), Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica, Lucifer) and DJ Qualls (The Man in the High Castle, Supernatural).

The original film earned two sequels, both of which honored the spirit of its predecessor by delivering audiences an anthology of various horror tales. Not only does this upcoming TV series follow the same format, but it also offers Easter eggs for devout fans of the original movie.

At the series' San Diego Comic-Con panel, showrunner Greg Nicotero confirmed that an ashtray that appeared in each segment of the original film will also be seen in each segment of the new series.

With some of Nicotero's earliest gigs being on Romero projects like Day of the Dead and the Tales from the Darkside TV series, the new Creepshow is clearly a labor of love.

"It's not a reboot, it's not a retelling," Nicotero clarified. "George [Romero] and Steve [King] were so ahead of their time, because of their love for EC Comics. The shit that I love, it's the same stuff that we all love. It's Jaws, and Dawn of the Dead, and Salem's Lot. The stuff that I could watch or read a hundred times. And now we have Creepshow — it comes, for me, from a place of love. I love this stuff so much. We're all here for the same reason, and I'm grateful for the fans that support this."


Check out the Creepshow series premiere on September 26th.

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