Doctor Sleep Recreated Iconic Sets From The Shining to Film New Footage

In the history of cinematic haunted hotels, things don't get much creepier than the Overlook Hotel from Stephen King's The Shining, brought to life by director Stanley Kubrick for the adaptation in 1980. Whether it be the building's perplexing layout, massive hedge maze, or supernatural residents, the hotel has cemented itself in audiences' minds as one of the creepiest places to spend your evening. Fans will return to the Overlook in the upcoming adaptation of Doctor Sleep, a sequel to The Shining, which was directed by Mike Flanagan. The film's first teaser dropped today, offering audiences a look at the familiar locale, though the filmmaker clarified that the teaser only contains one shot from The Shining, while everything else we see was merely a near-perfect replica of the Overlook.

“It’s interesting too because what you’ve seen today, in the more iconic imagery that’s been on the screen, that isn’t taken from the Kubrick film,” Flanagan confirmed at a Q&A event with press. “There’s only one shot in the trailer you saw that’s actually his footage, and that’s the shot of the bloody elevators.”

King was inspired to write The Shining after staying in the Stanley Hotel, which is in Estes Park, Colorado. Kubrick shot his Overlook Hotel's exteriors using the Timberline Lodge in Mount Hood, Oregon, while nearly all of the hotel's interiors were sets constructed for the film. While Flanagan's comments might not immediately sound impressive, knowing that these sets had to be built 40 years after the originals were constructed is a testament to how faithful Doctor Sleep aims to be to its predecessors.

“Everything else is us. Everything else is our recreation," the filmmaker confirmed. "So I don’t want to spoil to what extent and what specific, outside of what you already got to see, what we have kind of been able to revisit form Kubrick’s world. But I can say that everything that we decided to use, our intention was always to detail and reverence, and making sure that we were doing it properly, with the hope that even the most rabid cinephiles might not be able to tell the difference with some of our frames and some of his.”

He added, “We were able to do that with the full support of the Kubrick estate, who were willing to provide us with his designs.”

Stay tuned for details on Doctor Sleep, which hits theaters on November 8th.


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